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Support LNA in its work to keep Lakewood beautiful, safe and sound. 
Here are some ways you can help:

Crime Watch

Extend patrol hours
LNA Crime Watch memberships fund a neighborhood patrol, but there aren't enough funds for a 24-hour patrol.  You can help extend patrol hours.

Increase video surveillance
In 2010, the association placed surveillance cameras in the neighborhood as a deterent to crime.  The cameras are placed in areas that maintain residents' privacy, but provide lots of information about traffic in and out of the area. 

Expand Crime Watch signage
Along with surveillance cameras, LNA placed notification signs around the perimeter of the neighborhood.  More signs are needed to complete the coverage.


Parks, Trees & Neighborhood Beautification
Planting and maintaining medians and pocket parks, and adding special touches like benches and bird baths are among the many projects spearheaded by the Beautification Committee.  This year LNA brought in an arborist to straighten the Theodore Cedar in Harrell Park for Light Up Lakewood.

Strengthening the "Brand Identify" with monuments & street sign toppers
This year, LNA is working to strengthen Lakewood's "brand identity" - in other words, raise and clarify the neighborhood profile.  One of the main branding initiatives is to place monument-style markers at community portals, and toppers on street signs to clearly define the boundaries of the neighborhood.

Light up Lakewood
Each year, the neighborhood association paves the way in decorating and lighting the giant Theodore Cedar in Harrell Park for the holidays.    Help keep the lights on in Lakewood!

Communications & Marketing

Web, Social Media, Print & Email Integration
A very important part of what the LNA does is keep the neighborhood informed.  To strengthen the brand identity, and provide better communications, the association has rolled out a new website, with an integrated newsletter and print bulletin.  In addition, LNA posts important notices on Twitter and Facebook, and sends out email blasts to help members keep up with important information on weather, utility outages and special events.

Special campaigns

When LNA kicks off a new initiative of any kind, it is important to get the word out. Yard signs, door hangers, post cards and postage are just some of the expenses involved.

Happy Neighbor

If you just love the neighborhood, and want to support the work of Lakewood Neighborhood Association, this is the fund for you.


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