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5 Steps for Planning Your Home Renovation


Eric Spinazzola
by Eric Spinazzola
Owner, Spinazzola & Co.

The goal for a successful home renovation:  On Time, On Budget and an Amazing Finished Product!

Whether you are just refinishing your hardwood floors, upgrading your kitchen and bath or adding a new wing, there are a few important factors to remember:

Do Your Homework

Pull magazine pictures of finished projects to establish your design style.  Excellent communication with your contractor is key to a successful home renovation.  You may need an architect (or space planner) to prepare a plan for your project.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Sometimes remodeling projects can cost more than you expect!  Once the budget has been established you will be able to work with your contractor to find ways to save $$ in the process but not affect the integrity of the project.  There are often changes during the process; your contractor should let you know ahead of time if/how changes will affect your total costs.

Find The Right Remodeling Contractor For You

A good chemistry/relationship can make this process enjoyable.  Here are a few ideas to find the right contractor for you!

-Ask your Neighborhood Association if they have a recommendation

-Check out the signs in yards in your neighborhood and talk to your neighbor about how it’s going!

-Talk to friends, family, neighbors – word of mouth is good

-You may also check websites such as Angie’s List

Make The Best of The Messy Situation

Renovations can be messy!  Your contractor should hang plastic drapes and clean up daily.  Just hold on and be patient – it will be worth it


Soon, the dumpsters will be hauled off and after the final clean – it will be time to enjoy!  Your renovation should increase the value of your home.  The best increase in value comes when you add square footage to your home.  The 2nd best value is to redo bathrooms & kitchen spaces.

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