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City Supplies Free Trees for Neighborhoods

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from the City of Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee
City of Dallas Reforestation Project


Is it time for your neighborhood to organize a tree planting program in your

Trees you plant will contribute to cleaner air, cooler temperatures, beautification
of your neighborhood, add value to your home and are a gift to be enjoyed by
present and future generations.

In many areas of the City a great number of trees planted earlier by developers
and prior owners have been lost due to drought, storm damage or simply
completed their full life cycle. Walking around your neighborhood, do you see
areas where street trees have been lost, medians in need of planting and
neighbors who are concerned but don’t know how to begin? If so -- READ ON!

City of Dallas Reforestation Project


In recognition of the many benefits trees provide the City of Dallas created two (2) programs to
provide trees FREE for neighborhood plantings: 1) MOWmentum and 2) Reforestation Fund.
The Urban Forest Advisory Committee (UFAC), a City of Dallas Committee
comprised of volunteers, is available to provide advice and assistance to
neighborhood associations and groups interested in organizing tree planting
events that qualify for free trees that may be provided though the City of Dallas
MOWmentum and/or the Reforestation Fund.
Trees from these programs are targeted for planting in City of Dallas street
medians and in the “parkway”, which in most neighborhoods is the strip of grassy
area between the sidewalk and the street.
City of Dallas Reforestation Project


You may contact UFAC for additional information about planting trees and learn more about
these programs at www.DallasTrees.org. Or you may obtain the 2012 Urban Forest Reforestation Program Brochure and Group Tree Planting Application at www.dallascityhall.com/arborist/fund.html .

To APPLY for a median planting program or to INQUIRE about the availability of
specific trees, contact the City of Dallas Arborist at 214-948-4117 or the City of
Dallas City Forester at 214-670-1509.

*Lakewood Neighborhood Association will coordinate any efforts to plan new tress based on responses from our neighbors.  Most of the public spaces in Lakewood are already planted and maintained by LNA.