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Lakewood Pet Watch is a neighborhood program  to promote an animal-friendly community and pet responsibility. The program was started in the spring of 2006, with a goal to help reunite lost and found pets in Lakewood with their families.  Originally, the program primarily used email communications. 
Uma and flowers

Over the last few years, Pet Watch has evolved to be completely community-driven, and works through our Facebook Group. If you lose or find a pet, rather than waiting for someone else to send out emails, you can immediately post it on the Lakewood Neighborhood Association Facebook group, and hopefully a match will be made! It has proven to be amazingly successful.  You do have to be a member of the group, and you are immediately eligible for the group if you are a Lakewood resident.  Just make a request, and the administrator will contact you, and give an approval.  It is a good idea to join the group now, so if you ever do need to use it to find your pet, there is no delay in getting out the information.  Here's the link for the Facebook group:  Lakewood Neighborhood Association Facebook Group.  There are other benefits to joining the LNA Facebook group, including getting to know your neighbors, who share Crime Watch info, referrals for trades people and services, and other handy information.

It’s also not uncommon that someone finds a dog in the neighborhood who has probably been abandoned, and nobody ever claims him/her. While Pet Watch is not an adoption agency or shelter, we have a good track record of finding foster homes through that same online community on Facebook.  There are many people in the community who help circulate the information to help find foster homes, permanent homes, or other resources that will help keep the animal out of a city shelter.

girl and dog The territory that Lakewood Pet Watch covers is the neighborhood of Lakewood, as defined by the Lakewood Neighborhood Association. This is the neighborhood east of Abrams, south of Mockingbird, north of Gaston, and west of Williamson/Lawther. 

If you have lost or found a pet in another neighborhood please contact your local neighborhood association or Pet Watch. Of course, animals on the run do not recognize any boundaries, so we are happy to share your information with our Facebook Group.  Send us a message and we'll share your information as quickly as we can.