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The Promise of Peace Garden
Promise of Peace Garden logo Over 38 schools from over 18 neighborhoods have participated in the Promise of Peace, (POP), Kids Camp and Garden Tours. We have conducted Junior Master Gardener Camps, Wildlife Explorers, and City Green Camps where we learn and grow while exploring horticultural and environmental topics.

We have conducted field trips for private schools such as Lakehill Preparatory and public schools as far away as North Richland Hills. Our POP Campers have take trips to Paul Quinn’s “We Over Me Farm, and delivered community service to “Plant It Forward”.  An ongoing community service project is the Lakewood Garden Fountain where we plant and renew every spring. An array of communities in Dallas, Texas has joined together to educate our youth and families about living their best healthy and sustainable life by volunteering their skills, time and talents in the garden. Activites in the garden include cooking classes by some of the best Executive Chefs in Dallas, and community wide events such as Okra Palooza. This spring we will kick off our kids camp, “Plant It Forward”, with a free Easter hunt where the kids under twelve will walk away with a starter garden found in the Easter Eggs that they find.

Our POP kids have created their own mission to Plant It Forward-

“We will bring peace into our lives by showing compassion for our community, sowing seeds of sustainability, and putting forth effort to live a best life.”

The year 2013 will bring many opportunities do just that – “Plant It Forward”, will transpire as we install a garden at the CC Young Retirement Center and create an out door play space at the new restaurant, The Lot”. Free garden classes will be offered at the Pop garden during our first Saturday Markets and Yellow Belly Food Truck Brunch.

We invite you to join us and bring sustainable practices into your neighborhoods by visiting the garden for free tour and, or sponsoring a child to camp. The cost is 75 dollars for 5 weeks. Visit www.promiseofpeace.us or call 214.240.9220 for more information. We wish that every child could experience the greatness of contribution to his or her community, and that their human spirit be sustained through making something beautiful happen.

Warmest wishes-

Elizabeth Dry, Director
Promise of Peace Garden
7446 East Grand Ave
Dallas, Texas 75214