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Lakewood Crime Watch is a robust program provided by the neighborhood association.  The Crime Watch mission is to help provide residents a safe, secure environment through proactive efforts to reduce crime in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood-Wide Benefits

  • Regular Patrols by armed, off-duty Dallas Police officers in marked patrol cars deter cime and provide a quicker response time to 911 calls and alarms.
  • Periodic crime statistic reports.
  • Tips for protecting your family and property

    Home Safety Tips

    Here is a link to a document from the Dallas Police Department that outlines key information to keep your home more safe and secure.

    Get Involved
    The program is funded entirely by annual subscriptions.  The more residents who participate, the more hours officers can patrol the neighborhood.

  • Keep your Crime Watch representative informed so that he or she can alert neighbors. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Volunteer to become a District Coordinator or Block Captain.
  • Secure your own property by keeping doors and windows locked, including your garage and gates, make sure entrances are well-lighted and work with your neighbors to look out for each other.
    District Coordinators & Block Captains

    District Coordinator Responsibilities (one coordinator per district)

  • Recruit new Crime Watch members
  • Coordinate Block Captains within your district
  • Assist Chairperson in overall program

  • Block Captain Responsibilities

  • Distribute information, such as newsletters or updated material from the Crime Watch Coordinator or Lakewood Neighborhood Association Board.
  • Identify and/or work with Block Captains
  • Keep each household’s information up-to-date, with the current names, e-mail addresses, contact phone numbers, and  other enrollment information.  Note significant emergency or safety-related information such as medical problems, anybody staying at home all day, frequent travel, etc.
  • Create a block email list and phone tree, coordinate block meetings, and block parties, etc. (like a “social director”.)
  •

    There are some key organizations and programs that help make our community a safer place.

    Here are a few of them:

    Amber Alert Logo Dallas Police Department Logo
    Amber Alert Dallas Police Department

    Klaas Kids Logo

    Klass Kids Foundation