Crime Watch
Lakewood Crime Watch is a robust program provided by the Lakewood Neighborhood Association.  The Crime Watch mission is to help provide residents a safe, secure environment through proactive efforts to reduce crime in the neighborhood. Please contact us with questions or concerns at
Neighborhood-Wide Benefits
  • Regular Patrols by armed, off-duty Dallas Police officers in marked patrol cars deter crime and provide a quicker response time to 911 calls and alarms.
  • Periodic crime statistic reports.
  • Tips for protecting your family and property
Get Involved
The program is funded entirely by annual subscriptions.  The more residents who participate, the more hours officers can patrol the neighborhood.
  • Keep your Crime Watch representative informed so that he or she can alert neighbors. 
  • Volunteer to become a District Coordinator or Block Captain.
  • Secure your own property by keeping doors and windows locked, including your garage and gates, make sure entrances are well-lighted and work with your neighbors to look out for each other. 
District Coordinators & Block Captains
District Coordinator Responsibilities (one coordinator per district):
  • Recruit new Crime Watch members
  • Coordinate Block Captains within your district
  • Assist Chairperson in overall program
Block Captain Responsibilities:
  • Distribute information, such as newsletters or updated material from the Crime Watch Coordinator or Lakewood Neighborhood Association Board.
  • Identify and/or work with Block Captains 
  • Keep each household’s information up-to-date, with the current names, e-mail addresses, contact phone numbers, and  other enrollment information.  Note significant emergency or safety-related information such as medical problems, anybody staying at home all day, frequent travel, etc.
  • Create a block email list and phone tree, coordinate block meetings, and block parties, etc. (like a “social director”.)